Primary Care

Dr. Roohparvar is an Internal medicine physician providing comprehensive medical care in all areas of primary care including hypertension, Diabetes, cholesterol disorders, thyroid disorders, Asthma, emphysema, Heart disease, arthritis, Infectious disease, migraines, kidney disorders, skin disorders, as well as in hospital care.

Wellness and Preventative Care

All patients are encouraged to have a complete Physical Exam periodically which includes a complete medical history, medication review and family history. Patients will be referred for routine blood test, vision care, stress test, mammograms, colonoscopy, and Pap smears. In office Ekg and routine vaccination are also available.

Routine and Acute Medical Care

Dr. Roohparvar provides routine follow up visits for managing any ongoing medical issues, and will provide same day appointments for all urgent medical matters. All patients receive access to Dr. Roohparvar’s extensive local physicians referral network for subspeciality care. As your primary care physicians. Dr. Roohparvar provides outstanding coordination with outside physicians. Dr. Roohparvar hospitalizes and follows his patients at El Camino Hospital where he has admitting privileges.

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